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The world-wide Seventh-Day Adventist Church has carried the Protestant Reformation forward by restoring the 7th-day sabbath of the ten commandments. Its end-time prophetic teachings disclose the Mark of the Beast and warns the world of seven plagues that will befall all who have received the Mark.  Through this church, God has opened the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, so that no man will be caught unaware of judgement or the end of the world.  PLEASE, CLICK HERE TO READ A SPECIAL NOTICE.  ( Please,   CLICK HERE for the schedule of the "Voice of Prophecy" radio broadcast, covering all of North America and Canada. )

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For many Christians, serious questions have gone unanswered.   Have you ever asked the question,   "Why does God permit sin to exist?    Why doesn't God just step in and take care of the bad guys?" . . . or the question, "What will the end of the world be like when Jesus returns?" . . . or, have you asked the question, "Will our democratic society, with its freedom of religion, really allow persecution and imprisonment of Christians?"   We have a 39 pg. e-book that answers these questions and many more. Just CLICK HERE for the PDF download.

Mrs. Ellen G. White:  God has sent a messenger, to shed light on Scripture, to guide the Remnant church and prepare it for the Second Coming of Jesus. Recognized as an authority on the life of Jesus, her writings and spiritual guidance have placed her in a category achieved only rarely in history...the category of prophetess. To learn more about the exceptional life of a modern-day church leader, CLICK HERE . To read an introduction about the work of this prophetess in our church, please CLICK HERE .